7 Events That Necessitate a Review of Your Estate Plan

Even if you put a totally solid estate plan in place, it can end up proving worthless if it’s not properly updated. Estate planning is not a one-and-done type of deal: it should continuously evolve along with your life circumstances. No matter who you are, your life will inevitably change - families change, laws change, assets change, and goals change. In the absence of any major life events, we recommend Read More

Another Way to Fund Your Business through the CARES Act

You may have heard the news that there have been 3 million applications for SBA loans through the recent CARES Act, to the point that the Act has reached its funding limit of $349 billion. Round 2 of funding is all but exhausted already. As a business owner who may have applied for the $10,000 EIDL grant only to later find it is actually $1,000 per employee, or a PPP loan that didn’t get funded before the money ran Read More

Buyer Beware: The Hidden Dangers of DIY Estate Planning—Part 1

Do a Google search for “online estate planning documents”, and you’ll find dozens of different websites. From LegalZoom and Willing.com to Rocket Lawyer and Willandtrust.com, these do-it-yourself (DIY) planning services might seem like an enticing bargain. The sites let you complete and print out just about any kind of planning document you can think of—wills, trusts, health care directives, and powers of Read More

Save Money on Taxes By Crafting an Accountable Plan

If you’re like most entrepreneurs these days, you are looking for every possible way to save money so your company can stay afloat and make it through these difficult times. We encourage you to take advantage of and (quickly) apply to every relief option offered by the state and federal government. On your own, you should look at a number of tax-reduction strategies; this blog will take a look at one of these Read More

Are You Clear About How Your Parents’ Estate Plan Will Impact You?

Do your parents have an estate plan? Is it up to date? No matter how rich or poor you or your parents are, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to be asking these and several other questions. When your parents become incapacitated or die, their affairs will become your responsibility, and it will be impossible to ask them to clarify anything. So, if you do not know whether or not they have estate Read More

Business Contracts in the Time of Coronavirus

As everyone’s lives are upended due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping every corner of the world, business as usual seems almost impossible. For example, what about that seemingly rock-solid business contract you signed last fall? Performing as specified under it seems almost impossible now. So, what are business owners and managers like you supposed to do? To provide a bit of guidance in these uncertain times, we Read More

How To Talk To Your Team About Covid-19 and Get Them Working Efficiently from Home

There isn’t a single person who isn’t impacted by the spread of COVID-19, in some way. With the sheer number of businesses, public spaces, and school closings, we are all finding ourselves in positions we very likely have not planned for very well.  This is a time unlike any other that we have experienced, and we’re seeing it hit the job market in a big way. Thousands of people have been laid off across the Read More

Three Reasons Coronavirus Makes Estate Planning More Important Than Ever

These unprecedented times are scary for us all. Though the numbers are still out, it seems that while coronavirus is mainly life-threatening only for the elderly and immunocompromised, it can also in some cases claim the lives of the young and the healthy. For many, this is a wakeup call. Between accidents and undetected medical issues, the young and seemingly healthy have never been death-proof, but the highly Read More

Accessing Research and Development Credits

Many small business owners are not aware of a tax credit they can take advantage of: the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit. The purpose of this is to encourage innovation from small businesses by offsetting their costs of research and development. It was also implemented to help keep skilled workers in the U.S. Up to $1.25 million (or $250,000 each year for up to five years) in tax credits can be Read More

The SECURE Act’s Impact On Estate and Retirement Planning—Part 2

On January 1, 2020, the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act (SECURE Act) went into effect, and it could have big implications for both your retirement and estate planning strategies—and not all of them are positive.  Last week, we discussed three of the SECURE Act’s most impactful provisions. Specifically, we looked at the SECURE Act’s new requirements for the distribution of assets from Read More