Are Retirement Accounts Protected From Lawsuits?

If you’re facing an expensive lawsuit without a fund set aside to account for creditor costs, it’s natural to wonder where the money will come from. You’ve worked hard to build up assets and save for retirement, but will those retirement accounts be exposed to creditors should other assets and funds not cover it? Certain assets are able to easily be liquidated to cover these events, but does it even make sense to Read More

What is a Series LLC, and Does California Recognize Them?

When structuring your businesses, making sound, tax-efficient decisions about where and how you structure entities is critical. Choosing the right entity type and forming it in the appropriate state allows California business owners and entrepreneurs to maximize the benefits from their hard-earned money and legacy. A Series LLC is one of many business structures that offers certain unique advantages for asset Read More

When You May Need to Designate Your Trust as the Beneficiary of a Retirement Account

On the blog last month, we broke down why it’s important to be careful designating a trust as the beneficiary of a retirement account. There are numerous financial factors at play that make such a move unfeasible in most circumstances. But, as with most things, there are exceptions to be aware of. At Dahl Law Group, we take great care in equipping our clients in Northern and Southern California with the best possible Read More

Business Owners Face a “Now or Never” Moment on Expanded Estate Tax Exemption

There is a major opportunity for savvy business owners and high-net-worth individuals in California right now. As we’ve noted before, the current estate and gift tax exemption is at a historic high, a product of Trump-era tax reforms. At present, individuals are able to gift up to $13.61 million in their lifetime while married couples have a lifetime limit of $27.22 million. This establishes the upper limit that the Read More

Be Careful Designating Your Trust as the Beneficiary of a Retirement Account

Making informed investment and savings decisions is crucial for achieving and maintaining financial security and success late in life and in death. Making the proper choices today in managing your retirement funds not only benefits you during your retirement years but, if handled correctly, can also significantly benefit your heirs as part of your estate plan. We often work with people in California who have made the Read More

Understanding the California Homestead Exemption

The people of California deserve the peace of mind of having a place to call home. Preserving the security of these homes is an effort undertaken by the state government to protect long-time residents who are facing legal action such as lawsuits or creditors that seek to liquidate the value of their homes in order to satisfy a debt. The Homestead Exemption is a crucial safeguard for California homeowners, providing a Read More

California Strengthens Its Non-Competition Law

California has recently escalated its efforts to regulate non-compete agreements through two significant legal changes – Senate Bill 699 and Assembly Bill 1076. These reforms signify an important development in California's employment laws. The state is firmly committed to creating an environment where workers can find employment and build new California businesses without being legally restricted by their current Read More

California AB5 Explained: Classifying Employees as Employees or Independent Contractors

With the evolving landscape of employment across the United States, the government has taken a more diligent approach to the way companies classify the people who work for them. Are companies hiring actual employees or are they bringing on independent contractors to fill gaps and produce work for the company? Earlier this year, we took a wider view of this issue when considering how the federal government approaches Read More

Dahl Law Group Brings Legal Services and Partnerships to the People of San Diego

The team at Dahl Law Group is thrilled to expand to our latest venture – the opening of a new office in San Diego, California. This expansion is a testament to our commitment to serving the evolving needs of business owners and families not just in our current Sacramento community, but across the greater San Diego area. With this move, we're excited to bring our renowned legal services to the people and businesses Read More

Contract for Deed: Good for the Buyer, Bad for the Seller

When exploring ways to buy or sell property in your California real estate portfolio, the contract for deed is often a consideration, particularly when buyers are facing challenges with traditional financing methods. This approach simplifies the buying process, avoiding the need for mortgage lenders. However, while it presents clear benefits—especially for the buyer—it introduces specific risks and disadvantages for Read More