Choosing an Attorney: 8 Criteria to Consider

We understand that choosing a law firm to work with is a daunting task – you may be wondering how to find an attorney, and how to know if you’re choosing the right law firm for your particular legal needs.

To assist you in selecting the right law firm for your legal needs, we have identified 8 criteria that you should consider when hiring a law firm. Please note these criteria may be applied to any practice area, but is specifically focused on Trusts & Estates, Business Law, and Tax Law.

  1. Excellent Online Reviews
    We all go online to see reviews before we buy from a business. A law firm should be no different! Beware of law firms will very few reviews (20 or less), as the pool of reviews is not wide enough. And you should actually read the reviews! We have a 4.9 out of 5 starts on Google!

  2. Superior Knowledge of Tax Law
    Whether you are a business owner or a parent trying to protect your family, wealth, and legacy, taxes are important. Most law firms will defer tax questions to an accountant or CPA, who will not be able to answer the questions with certainty. Furthermore, the attorney may prepare a legal strategy that causes you to pay more in taxes because they don’t have the expertise. We see it all the time.

    Our Principal Attorney, Tyler Q. Dahl, is a Certified Tax Coach and earned his Master’s (L.L.M.) in Tax Law. All of our attorneys are trained in tax law and incorporate tax law into our legal services. 

  3. Experienced Attorneys in the Prime of their Careers
    What happens when your attorney retires or dies? Yep, you’ve got to find another one. That can be painful, and expensive. You need a law firm with attorneys that have experience, but also aren’t going to retire in 5-10 years. Our attorneys have over 20 years of experience combined, and but aren’t at the end of their careers – rather, we are in our prime! Tyler Q. Dahl has been a Super Lawyers Rising Star for 7 years in a row (2016-2023), and Danielle Lawrence has been a Super Lawyers Rising Star for 3 years in a row (2021-2023), as well as nominated a Top Attorney in Sacramento by Sacramento Magazine in 2022!

  4. No Surprise Invoices
    If you call or meet with most attorneys, you won’t know you’re being billed until you receive an invoice in the mail for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. We’re shocked too! We are lifelong trusted advisors for our clients and will always discuss fees before we bill you. One of our firm’s core values is respect, and we respect you enough to talk with you about billing beforehand, and not overbill you. Don’t believe us? Again, check out our online reviews

  5. Great Customer Service
    Most of us choose a business to buy from and work with that has great customer service. Why should a law firm be any different? Most attorneys and law firms won’t return your calls and emails for weeks at a time. As most of our online reviews will tell you, we have great customer service. We also promise 1-business day response times so that you are always updated on your legal matter.
  6. Team of Attorneys and Staff to Assist You
    If you’re working with a solo attorney, they may go on vacation. Or what if they get sick? Or have to care for a sick relative? They will be MIA, and probably when you need them the most! We have a team of over 10 staff to assist you in your legal matter, and several attorneys that can jump in and help you in your legal matter if the attorney working on your matter is out of the office. 

  7. Easy Going, Down-to-Earth Attorneys and Staff
    Attorneys are generally serious and uptight – or worse – jerks! When you are going through a stressful time or need an advisor, you don’t need your attorney to stress you out more. You wouldn’t do business with a professional that you didn’t get along with, and your attorneys should be no different! All our attorneys and staff are refreshingly easy going and down to earth, and easy to work with – just check out our online reviews to confirm this

  8. Relationship-Based Legal Representation
    Attorneys generally have tunnel vision and only want to assist clients with legal matters. This isn’t serving as a trusted advisor. We don’t think that is right! As your family and business grow, your law firm should be there by your side, and be committed to truly getting to know your family and business. This is a part of our mission, and allows us to help you in other ways, such as finding referrals to other professionals – we want to make your life better!