Ensure Your Legacy Will Always Live On

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Although thinking about a future you are not a part of can be unsettling and scary, you can rest assured that your memories, morals, views, and principles will always live on by recording a Legacy Interview.

If our firm handles your estate planning, you have already recorded a Legacy Interview. It’s an easy process. We sit down with you to discuss the legacy you want to leave for your children, grandchildren, and other loved ones. We provide an extensive list of questions like:

  • Which values do you hope your children live by?
  • If you had to describe your child in just one word, what would it be?
  • What is the proudest moment you’ve had with each of your children?

If you aren’t a current client or haven’t already recorded your Legacy Interview, fill out the form below to receive your copy of our interview guide. This piece of you will mean more to those you love than ever imagined.

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