Protect Yourself from the Piercing of the Corporate Veil

Business owners need to take legal steps to protect themselves from being held personally liable for the debts and actions of their business. That’s why forming corporations or limited liability companies (LLCs) is highly advantageous. Taking the step to incorporate or organize generally protects business owners from such liability, but this doesn’t always stop the creditors from “Piercing the Corporate Veil” to Read More

What is a 1031 Exchange?

Real estate investors understand much of their long-term earning potential relies on their property values rising. Moving to sell a property after its value has risen will generally be an investment success, but it also triggers a capital gains tax based on the established tax basis of the asset. Thankfully, the Internal Revenue Code provides avenues for investors to defer those taxes. U.S. Code § 1031 allows for the Read More

Using an LLC to Dodge Costly Proposition 19 Tax Reassessments

A home means the world to California families. A home can be a place to live, learn, grow, and build a family in. A home can also be a place to escape on vacation or a source of income for those who wish to build a real estate portfolio in our state. Rental properties and vacation homes can be passed on and help build generational wealth in your family. California property owners need an effective tax strategy in Read More

Trust Beneficiaries Could Face Significant Tax Liabilities Even If They Were Never Paid By The Trust

Trusts are the preferred mode of estate planning for most estates but not all trusts are created equally. Certain trusts generate income through the sale of assets as well as holding assets that generate interest. Proceeds from the sale of assets and income gained on assets held are both considered income that must be taxed. Those tax implications stem from the distribution of income to a beneficiary designated by Read More

Explaining the Estate Tax Exemption

We consistently recommend that all of our clients have a thorough and effective estate plan in place. Establishing legal planning documents dictating how and to whom important assets will transfer protects your legacy and your loved ones. Effective estate planning also addresses financial obstacles that can present themselves during or after the transfer of wealth, especially in large estates worth millions of Read More

How Business Owners Can Limit Competition Without the Use of Noncompete Clauses

The Federal Trade Commission proposed a new rule at the start of the New Year that would ban noncompete clauses, claiming the clauses lower wages and “harm competition.” This comes six months after President Joe Biden issued an executive order recommending that the FTC do exactly that. The proposed ban would not only ban noncompete clauses moving forward but also nullify any noncompete clauses that are currently in Read More

How the Step-Up Basis Works

Last month, we covered how to calculate an asset’s tax basis, which plays a major role in an individual’s ongoing financial responsibilities and taxes. The long-term tax implications that derive from the tax basis of an asset can have a major impact on future planning for yourself and, in the case of business assets, your business. Cost basis is the cost to acquire a particular, and is the initial tax basis of an Read More

Understanding Qualified Small Business Stock to Save Up to $10 Million in Taxes

Maximizing your business’ tax strategies can help you avoid taxes on unrealized gains when done correctly. One benefit many taxpayers miss out on involves excluding a portion of capital gains from qualified small business stock from taxable income. The Internal Revenue Code provides extensive context for this tax deduction which can lower your income tax liability. Which Small Businesses Qualify? There are several Read More

Gift Tax Exemptions Explained

Last month, we dove into reasons why gifting expensive assets can create financial challenges for both sides of the exchange. Even if the holidays have passed, it’s important to start 2023 with a clear understanding of the financial consequences of gifting. You should be aware of both the annual gift tax exemption and the lifetime estate/gift tax exemption when considering high-value gifts. Both of these numbers Read More

Be Aware of Estate Taxes Where You Invest

Investing in real estate can set you, your heirs, and your business up for generations to come – when done correctly. The real estate industry is filled with nuances that investors need to keep track of, but one that’s often overlooked is the impact of estate and inheritance taxes where you invest. In California, we don’t have estate taxes and haven’t since 1982 when the people voted to repeal the tax. This means Read More