Advanced Healthcare Directives Require Careful Consideration

One of the biggest necessities in life is having a plan. Life happens fast and many of us get caught up in the wave of what’s happening today before considering what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Estate planning is about making sure you are covered for that unknown tomorrow so you can have peace of mind today. Much of estate planning is about dictating what will happen to your assets when you die, but other elements such as Advanced Health Care Directives dictate what can happen while you are still alive.

What is an Advanced Health Care Directive?

These directives establish a healthcare proxy who will be responsible for making medical decisions on your behalf when you are otherwise unable to do so yourself.

If you were to fall into a coma or suffer injuries that prevent you from making healthcare decisions, this individual would have the power to sign medical forms and make decisions about the care you will (or won’t) receive. This power includes having the ability to “pull the plug” if you are being kept alive by medical machinery.

Choosing the Right Person

A lot of focus on this subject zeroes in on the importance of simply establishing an Advanced Health Care Directive. What our team wants to make clear is how important it is to choose the right person for the role. Simply having a directive won’t accomplish anything if the person you choose isn’t equipped to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Someone who is overly emotional and will struggle with a decision like “pulling the plug” may not be the most qualified choice. These are difficult decisions as this person is genuinely choosing to take someone off of life-saving medical devices, but it’s important to understand this possibility. You are also looking for someone who can be an effective advocate for you in the healthcare system, which takes persistence and dedication. 

A loved one who works in the medical field will be your best choice. They have a better understanding of the medical challenges you are facing and can be realistic about your chances of recovery (or lack thereof).

Our Team Can Help You Choose

At The Law Offices of Tyler Q. Dahl, we don’t just want to focus on the “what” of your estate planning documents but also the “who.” We want to get to know you and your family. This allows us to use our knowledge and experience in these fields to advise you on the right decisions.

If you have questions about establishing your healthcare proxy or advanced healthcare directive, reach out to our office for careful and compassionate legal guidance.

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