3 Money-Savvy Benefits of Flat Legal Fees

Many people are terrified of calling a lawyer — even when they need it most. For a simple five-minute phone call, they’ll surely get a bill! Also, what if their attorney charges additional fees after that call that they can’t afford?

At the Law Offices of Tyler Q. Dahl, we don’t believe in hidden, inflated, or surprise legal fees. As an entrepreneur and family-focused firm, we want to make sure that you always know what you’re paying fees for — and why.

That’s why we’re mostly a flat fee law firm.

“Wait, what?” some might say. “But hourly seems more affordable!” That may seem theoretically true if you only need five minutes of a lawyer’s time. But all lawyers know that even small legal needs could require hours of additional work, and on hourly fees, they get to decide the hours.

The truth is that nobody likes paying lawyers hourly. Here’s a few reasons why money-savvy business owners and families will want to hire a flat fee law firm like ours.

No. 1: Get the budget and financial expectations right away. 

As mentioned, hourly lawyers get paid with different money incentives than flat fee lawyers. If you’re paying your lawyer hourly, they’re more likely to inflate the numbers of billable hours, intentionally or unintentionally, or research senseless things that don’t really relate to your matter.

With flat fees, however, we’re paid exactly the same for every type of service, even if your legal plan requires a few extra hours of our time or legal research. Once our service is finished, so is your bill. There are no unexpected charges for follow-up questions or making sure we got your estate plan, contract, or legal matter right.

No. 2: Align your goals with ours. 

We take our relationships with clients seriously. We want you to thrive, and we know your finances are a huge part of that.

Flat fees incentivize attorneys to work efficiently and create the best possible benefit for clients to build stronger, formidable attorney-client relationships. Even the most ethical hourly billing can drive up costs. You get more for your money with flat fees, even if it seems a little intimidating upfront. We are always happy to work with you to accommodate your goals and finances.

No. 3: Buy yourself real, affordable peace of mind. 

We do our best to make the law and legal issues as stress-free as possible for you and your family. However, it’s only natural to feel a little anxious while creating your estate plan or address a business or tax law issue. When paying hourly, you may not know what you’re paying a law firm every single month, and it can lead to additional stress.

With flat fees, you’ll be able to predict total costs. This consistent predictability can ease your worries tremendously.

We hope this helps clarify your worries about flat fees and how they’ll help your future financial stability. When you want to call us, we want you to do it! It’s our mission to take the fear and guesswork out of the equation. Let’s build a better future for your business, family, and legacy together!

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