Pay It Forward: Understanding Your Options with Charitable Trusts

One of the mainstays of the holiday season is the emphasis on giving. Whether it’s the bell ringers for the Salvation Army outside the grocery store, or nearly every cashier you pass asking if you’d like to round up your purchase to donate to that particular store’s charity, the holidays are the time when giving is most often on our minds and agendas.  Although we’re past the holiday season and into the new year, Read More

Retirement Planning and Charitable Remainder Trusts

For all the benefits of the SECURE Act, those wishing to put down non-spouse beneficiaries on IRAs and other retirement plans have had to come up with creative ways to avoid a large tax bill for those beneficiaries. Under the current rules, non-spouse beneficiaries must withdraw the entire amount from the plan within 10 years after the owner’s death or pay taxes (there are a few other exceptions for Read More

What You Should Know Before Agreeing to Serve as Trustee

Being asked by a loved one to serve as trustee for their trust upon their death can be quite an honor, but it’s also a major responsibility—and the role is definitely not for everyone. Indeed, serving as a trustee entails a broad array of duties, and you are both ethically and legally required to properly execute those duties or face potential liability. In the end, your responsibility as a trustee will vary Read More