To Trademark or Not to Trademark – What Should You Do?

When running a business, you have a lot to think about and you need to make sure everything is handled properly in order to succeed. One thing that many businesses don’t fully understand or take advantage of is trademark law. While everyone knows that the basic idea behind a trademark is to protect a logo, word, phrase, picture, or other item related to your business, most people don’t know when they should or Read More

What Are My Options If My Trademark Office Action Will Be Denied?

Trademark applications are commonly refused because of a likelihood of confusion between the applicant’s mark and a prior pending or existing registered mark. If your trademark application falls in this category and responding to an Office Action is not feasible or your response will not approved, there are several other options you can pursue to remedy the issue.   Negotiate With The Owner of the Read More

What Is The Trademark Registration Process In The U.S.?

Filing a trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) starts an often complex and lengthy legal proceeding that continues for approximately eight or twelve months. A timeline of the most critical stages is helpful to understanding the overall process.   Initial Filing and Examination Process You can file a Use-Based application or an Intent-To-Use application using the Read More

What Is An Acceptable Trademark Specimen?

To obtain or renew your trademark registration, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) requires you to submit a trademark specimen for each class of goods or services used in commerce. Understanding how to submit an acceptable trademark specimen will help secure your trademark registration without problems. A trademark specimen is a real-life example of how you actually use your trademark in connection Read More

How Do I Respond To A Trademark Application Office Action?

When it comes to responding to a United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Office Action, at first glance it’s easy to become intimidated. However, it is like many other processes: step by step and in the right sequence, addressing only what needs to be addressed. Being informed about terms and the reasons for the Office Action will bring you powerful knowledge so you’ll spend your time and energy Read More