Tax Law

Getting Ahead With Thorough Tax Law Advice

Disinherit Uncle Sam!

At Dahl Law Group, we have the expertise, education, and experience to make sure your business gets ahead on important tax laws and strategies. We’ll work with you, taking a thorough look at your circumstances in the present and goals for the future. We will review business structure, agreements, and transactions to ensure that you are not exposing yourself to unnecessary taxes, and there are no surprises years down the road for you, or your loved ones, from Uncle Sam. Our goal is to make sure you’ve got the ammunition you need should your business be audited by the IRS down the road.

We represent businesses of all forms and sizes to protect them from disputes with the IRS through a proactive approach. Our team will handle a wide variety of tax cases, including:

Corporate Tax

  • S-Corporation Election & Revocation
  • Stock Redemptions & Partial Liquidations
  • Non-Recognition Formation & Organization Strategies
  • Non-Liquidating Distributions

Partnership Tax

  • Non-Recognition Formation & Organization Strategies
  • Partnership Allocations
  • Operating Distributions
  • Liquidating Distributions & Terminations
  • Sales & Exchanges of Partnership Interests

Trust & Fiduciary Income Tax

  • Simple vs. Complex Trust Taxation
  • Trust Distribution Deductions
  • Distributable Net Income

Estate & Gift Tax

  • Estate Tax Returns & Planning
  • Gift Tax Returns & Planning
  • Estate Tax Deductions & Credits
  • Post-Mortem Tax Strategy

International Outbound Tax

The team at The Law Offices of Tyler Q. Dahl can also handle tax strategy for U.S. companies that receive income from sources outside of the country or have tax interests stemming from other countries. If your headquarters is in the United States but receives significant income from international sales or activities then we’re your choice.

Owner and Principal Attorney Tyler Q. Dahl has his Master’s in tax law and is a certified tax coach. Contact our offices and meet with a trusted adviser in California who can work with you on a plan to get the most out of your taxes.