Oswaldo Portobanco – Legal Assistant

Oswaldo Portobanco joined Dahl Law Group in 2023 as an Intake Specialist. Soon thereafter, Mr. Portobanco continued to assist the firm clients as a Legal Assistant, which is his current role. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and has previously worked for a Special Consultant from the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) as his Collaborator developing Quantitative Methods on Tax Statistics, where he had to analyze the Tax Laws regarding fuel consumption from the entire Latin-American region and the Caribbeans.

In addition, Mr. Portobanco worked for the Nicaraguan Ministry of Finance as a Tax Policy Specialist. He has learned a tremendous amount about the legal field and with his input he helps the Paralegals and Attorneys preparing basic legal documents and contributes to the development of processes and procedures to help the firm run more efficiently. Mr. Portobanco possesses remarkable organizational capabilities and is always eager to learn more. 

During his free time, Mr. Portobanco enjoys spending quality time with his wife and children, loves to serve in the Church on Sundays, reading, and playing with his Rubik’s cube while listening to classical music.