Erica P. Thomas – Paralegal

Erica Pele Thomas is an integral part of Dahl Law Group, serving as a dedicated paralegal. Her journey with us began in February 2022 when she joined as a Legal Assistant, swiftly advancing to the role of Paralegal. Originally from Maine, Erica relocated to California in 1997, growing up in South Sacramento. Erica earned her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from California State University Sacramento in 2023, building on her foundation with associate degrees in Paralegal Studies and Social Science from American River College in 2020.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Erica treasures time spent with her large family, consisting of her husband and five children. They bond over a variety of activities, from embarking on road trips to celebrating holidays and birthdays with enthusiasm. They also enjoy swimming together and have a passion for trying new foods and exploring different restaurants, making every meal an adventure.